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We are New Mexico Supporting Japan (NMSJ), a Non-Profit group formed by 6 UNM students, 1 staff and 1 alumni who are citizens of Japan. We are currently working on a project we call "2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami Fundraising" solely to raise funds to support victims of earthquake and other disasters triggered by it. We have no sponsors, but only have motivated and willing volunteers.
[Event] 4/17 Earth Day
The total amount we have raised
at this Celebrate the Earth Festival is
このCelebrate the Earth Festivalでの
Thank you very much for you
generous contribution and support!!

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■21st Celebrate the Earth Festival■
  Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011
  Time: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  Location: Co-op @ Nob Hill

       3500 Central SE
       (behind the store on Silver btwn Carlisle and Tulane)

Although it has been a month since the earthquake,
there still are thousands of people in Japan who are
struggling everyday just to live. We are attending
the 21st Celebrate the Earth Festival to raise funds
to keep supporting victims of recent Earthquake
and Tsunami happened in Japan. We will have books,
art works, jewelries, stationaries (All donated towards
our fundraising activities) and much more!
We are no longer accepting food or material contributions,
but please come out and support us and spread the words!

■21st Celebrate the Earth Festival■
  日時: 2011年4月17日 (日)
     午前10時 〜 午後6時
  場所: Nob Hill内のCo-op

     3500 Central SE

そういった方々の支援を続けるべく、21st Celebrate the
Earth Festivalへの参加を決定しました。本や美術品、

The La Montanita Coop's Annual Celebrate the Earth Festival
is a FREE community gathering that is both entertaining
and educational! There will be information and education
booths from dozens of environmental, social and economic
justice organizations and local farmers. You can purchase
seedlings, drought resistant plants, beautiful art from fine
local artists and crafts people and enjoy inspiring
performances from some of our favorite local artists and,
of course, great Co-op food! There will be ongoing
entertainment, music, dancing, face painting and other fun
activities for kids. This is a chance to get your bedding plants,
talk to and learn from the farming and gardening experts in
our midst, get educated on the important environmental
issues we face, get active and take action to make our
neighborhoods and the world a better place for us all to share.

La Montanita コープのAnnual Celebrate the Earth Festivalは

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